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Puttman Infrastructure, Inc. provides an integrated solution for sustainable infrastructure investment, development and operations for public, private and non-profit partners throughout North America.

Our keen focus on building-scale and district-scale infrastructure systems and technology is comprehensive and unparalleled.  From initial system concepts and business case due diligence to support informed decision-making to innovative investment and partnership models to ensure simple implementation, reliable operations, and long term investment return, we seamlessly move between all project development phases – value proposition, business arrangements, capital formation, design, permitting, construction, commissioning and operations – to optimize infrastructure service delivery while maximizing community and environmental benefits.



Significant expertise in capital formation and investment management to ensure stable, long term returns and transparency for our investment partners.


From development and advisement to financing and operational support, Puttman Infrastructure has consistently and uniquely delivered infrastructure innovation for a more sustainable Portland.

Mayor Sam Adams

Beginning with Lloyd Crossing through the development of our infrastructure investment strategy, Puttman Infrastructure has been a valuable partner of the Lloyd EcoDistrict for over a decade.

Sarah Heineke

Collaborative, innovative yet financially pragmatic, Puttman Infrastructure brought tremendous experience and expertise to help us realize a more sustainable Little Tokyo.

Thomas Yee

Leveraging this expertise, we are uniquely adept at creating innovative investment solutions, delivery partnerships and enabling strategies to foster adoption of sustainable infrastructure systems to support healthier, smarter and more economically robust communities – whether at the building, campus, neighborhood or city scale.

Market leaders focused solely on sustainable infrastructure development delivered through innovative private, public and public-private partnership models.  We work collaboratively with industry leading partners in finance, technology, engineering,and construction to ensure our projects meet financial objectives while delivering high levels of system performance.

Safe and reliable, our unique hands-on approach to facility operations maintains asset value and regulatory compliance while providing cost effective service to our customers.

Tom is at the forefront of innovative thinking, project development and value generation in the sustainable infrastructure market.  A nationally recognized leader in green building systems, district infrastructure and EcoDistrict development, he has helped create visionary and award-winning projects throughout North American, Europe, Asia and South America and has contributed greatly to transform Portland, his hometown, into one of the world’s most sustainable cities.

Tom is keenly skilled and experienced at working with public, private and non-profit partners to plan, finance, build, own and operate building-scale and district-scale energy and water systems and technology solutions.



Whether at the city, district or building scale, our technology solutions drive resource management by catalyzing behavior change through the combination of creative user experiences and robust data management.